We, the members of the Supporting Committee of the Transfer Live Lessons Network and representatives from disaster-stricken sites throughout the world, have gathered here in Kobe, Japan, over the past two days to discuss the establishment of the International Disaster Transfer Live Lessons Network (TeLL-Net).

In many parts of the world, people in formerly disaster-stricken sites are often strongly driven to relay and transfer their live experiences and lessons to others, even to succeeding generations. Such real stories always strongly move the hearts of those who have not experienced a disaster, so that they cannot help but practice concrete actions in preparation for a future disaster risk.
However, enormous efforts are required in sustaining such activities. Traces and lessons of a disaster often disappear very quickly from people's minds and from the whole society. The effect of individual efforts to “Transfer Live Lessons” is greatly limited, whereas people all over the world need to be addressed.
Thus, the parties engaged in various types of Transfer Live Lessons activities throughout the world must put their powers together under their common purpose, encourage one another, learn from each other, and raise their voices collectively, worldwide, with a view to strengthening the effects of Transfer Live Lessons.

Upon the close of this assembly, based on this common understanding, we hereby declare the following:

  1. We shall establish the International Transfer Live Lessons Network, aiming at strengthening the effects of Transfer Live Lessons synergistically and thus contributing to raising people's awareness and motivation on disaster reduction worldwide.
  2. We welcome as TeLL-Net members those individuals and organizations from all over the world who carry out Transfer Live Lessons by running museum exhibitions concerning past disasters or by other various educational means, such as films, picture books, music or local festivals. Those who share the spirit of TeLL-Net are also welcome as supporters.
  3. We shall cooperate with each other and undertake such activities as running a website for sharing and disseminating relevant information and knowledge; meeting on a regular basis for mutual learning and discussion; participating in conferences to draw the attention of the international community to TeLL-Net activities; dispatching international missions to disaster sites to provide advice where necessary; etc
January 20, 2006
Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan
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